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Why are some parts of the routes hidden?

In June 2022, we introduced a restriction on the display of routes for users not having a subscription. Previously, as a non-subscriber, you could see one participant's route at a time. Now, parts of the routes are masked with black areas with padlock symbols on the map.

The purpose of this restriction is to increase the number of paying users. It creates conditions for us to offer an attractive digital service that is being developed with new features over time. Development, maintenance and support of a popular and well-used service costs money – money that comes exclusively from subscription fees. We have deliberately opted out of ad funding to let users avoid disruptive ads on our site.

As before, Livelox is completely free to use as an organizer of events. As a participant, it is also free to upload your routes and see large parts of them. We charge for the opportunity to see the routes in their entirety and to be able to compare the routes of several participants. Buy your subscription here!

Koppling till Eventor inaktiverad under helgen
Svenska Orienteringsförbundets IT-system Eventor dras med driftproblem. I syfte att lokalisera problemet har man valt att stänga av kopplingen till Livelox under hela helgen. Det innebär att du som Livelox-användare kan uppleva problem med inloggning och automatisk koppling av rutt till aktivitet, samt få felmeddelanden vid administration av aktiviteter.

Vi ber om ursäkt för denna situation, som tyvärr ligger helt utanför vår kontroll. Läs mer hos SOFT.