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It's free to upload routes, and to view your own and other's routes one at a time in Livelox. However, to be able to compare many routes, a subscription is needed. There are three kinds of subscriptions: personal subscriptions, club subscriptions, and club member subscriptions. All three types are valid one year from the time of purchase. Event organisers don't need any subscription to upload maps and courses for an event.

A personal subscription gives access to comparison of routes from all competitions and trainings, and is associated with a specific person. It is the subscription type that gives access to all functionality for all types of events. The price is 499 SEK / 499 NOK / 49 EUR.

A club subscription can be purchased by clubs affiliated with a national orienteering federation using Eventor, currently Sweden, Norway, and Australia. It gives all club members access to comparison of routes for events that are not Eventor events organized at the regional level or above. The price is 500 SEK / 500 NOK / 60 EUR plus 20 SEK / 20 NOK / 2 EUR per member starting in an Eventor event last year for Sweden, Norway, and Australia, respectively. Club membership information is fetched from Eventor, and members log in with their Eventor accounts to use the subscription. Please note that Eventor events on regional level and above are not included in this subscription. A personal subscription is required to compare routes from such events.

A club member subscription is available for club members in non-Eventor clubs. If your club is not affiliated with the national orienteering federation in Sweden, Norway, or Australia, you can add it to Livelox through your user account. When the club is added, you can purchase subscriptions for a number of club members of your choice. The price is 60 SEK per club member. After the subscriptions have been purchased, you can easily distribute them to the club members. A club member subscription gives access to comparison of routes for events that the club that provided the subscription organises.

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