Change of login with Eventor username and password in Livelox

Starting December 2023, you can no longer use your Eventor username and password to log in directly to Livelox via our login page.

Why are you making this change?

The Swedish Orienteering Federation, which manages Eventor, is phasing out the current technical solution that lets third-party offer direct login with Eventor username and password. Unfortunately, Livelox has no way of controlling this decision.

Am I locked out of Livelox now?

No, you can still log in with your Eventor username and pasword, but then you need to go through Eventor, see below.

How do I log in with my Eventor account in Livelox?

You need to take a detour via Eventor. When you are logged in to Eventor, click on a Livelox link anywhere in Eventor, either in the event calendar, on an event information page, or in the services menu at the top right. Then you are transferred to Livelox in logged-in mode, and get the opportunity to create a username and password directly in Livelox which will be linked to your Eventor-based Livelox account. We recommend to do so for a smooth login procedure in the future. Instructions can be found on our login page.

If I create a Livelox username and password, will my routes remain?

Yes, all information is retained. When you create a Livelox username and password as described above, they can be used to log in to your Eventor-based Livelox account just as before. The only change is that you get a new way to log in. You can access your club membership, your routes, the events you administer, etc., just like before.