Connect a Livelox account to a Polar Flow account

This guide describes how you connect an account from Polar’s web service Polar Flow with your Livelox account. By doing do, routes that you record with your Polar GPS watch will automatically be synchronized with Livelox when they uploaded to Polar Flow.

If you have already connected your Polar account to Strava we recommend that you connect your Strava account directly to Livelox instead of connecting your Polar account to Livelox.

How to do it

  • You record in a route with your GPS watch from Polar.
  • When the recording is ready make sure that it synchronizes to Polar Flow. You can do that on your mobile device or desktop computer. Read more how to do it at Polar.
  • Polar sends your route to Livelox. It is ready after a few seconds.
  • If a route belongs to a Livelox event (training or competition) with an uploaded start time or result, your route will automatically be added in the right class. If it doesn’t happen, for example if your name is spelled wrong in the result list, you can go in and edit the route under My activities and connect the to the right class.

In order for it to work, you need:

  • A GPS watch from Polar.
  • A Livelox account.
  • A Polar account. If you don’t have one you can Create an account for free.

To set up an account

  1. Go to your account settings in Livelox.
  2. Under Connections to external applications, click on the button Edit settings for Polar.
  3. Polar settings in Livelox are shown. Write in your e-mail address which is connected to your Polar account and click on Connect to Polar.
  4. You need to approve that Livelox is connected to Polar. To do so, log in to your Polar account, click on your name, and then on Settings > Your profile. At the bottom on the side you see a question from Livelox. Click on View on and the next page Accept.

Finished! Note that the routes that you recorded before you connected Polar Flow to Livelox are not synchronized to Livelox. Such routes need to be uploaded via a file in Polar Flow or Livelox.

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