Add in activities

As an event organizer, you need to add in activities, classes and courses in Livelox so that participants in your events can compare routes in the easiest way. A activity can be either a competition or a training. It is completely free to add activities in Livelox. No subscription is required.

Activity connected to a competition or training in Eventor

A activity that is connected to Eventor will automatically be updated with classes, start times and results when new information is available in Eventor. Links to Livelox are seen in the competition information and results lists at Eventor. In order for an activity to get connected to Eventor ou have to go to Eventor to create it. You can not create it directly in Livelox! You need to have one of the following roles in Eventor: Responsible Organizers or Administrator for an organizing club. Go to the administration page for competitions or trainings in Event. There you click on the link em>Livelox and follow the instructions. You will then come to the step below where you Fill in the activity’s details.

Activity not connected to Eventor

To add in an activity that is not connected to Eventor, you need to be logged in to Livelox. Log in with your Eventor account if you have one. It is also possible to use a Livelox account, but then your Eventor club can not be set as the the organizer.

Choose Administer > Activity in the menu at the top. Here you will see a list of activities that you can administrate. The standard is to show all activities within the last month and coming month from current date. Click on Add an activity.

Fill in the activity’s details

Fill in the activities name, start time, finish time and organising club. Set the start time to the first starting participants start time, and finish time to slightly after the last expected finish time. Click on Save.

Now the activity’s administration site is shown. It is divided in different sections, for example general information, classes and courses. Each section has its own box displaying overview information. Click on the heading in the box to edit the details.

General information

The general information is already filled in from when the activity was uploaded or imported. Here you can change the activities name, start time, finish time and organising club. It is important that the activities time interval is correct, because it is used to close the right activity when participants upload their routes.

Connect to an external system

This heading is only seen if the activity is connected to an external system, such as Eventor. visas endast om aktiviteten är kopplad till ett externt system, t ex Eventor. Normally the classes, start times, and results are automatically collected from the external system, but if it doesn’t work you can request to synchronize the information.


Here you manage participants and link to courses for the classes in the activity. Normally, courses are automatically linked to classes.

Participant information

Here you see how many participants have uploaded routes. If the startlists or results are available the number of items are shown wether or not if participants have uploaded a route.


Under Maps you choose the maps which are connected to the activity. Normally only one map is connected to an activity, but Livelox allows different classes to use different maps. Maps can be collected from Maps or downloaded directly in Livelox. Read more about how to add in maps.

If maps cover a significantly larger area than the activity’s courses, you can mark the area of the map where the activity takes place. Make sure Delimited by the map is selected at the bottom and then click on Choose an area of the map intill kartan. You can then mark an area on the map picture. If the map is large, the downloading of the map will go faster if you choose the relevant area of the map.


Under the section Courses you upload course setting files and banpåtrycksfiler that are created in a course setting program. Read more about handling or courses


Here you add people which should have access to edit the activity. The termrole includes a combination of the type of roll the person has and the club access, for example Administrator in OK Linné. The roles are taken from Eventor.

Restricted access

Courses in an activity are kept hidden until the start time that is set for the activity under General information. Usually the courses ar made available after the last participant has started. Go in under the section Restricted access and set a publishing time for either the entire activity or per individual class.

It is also possible to set the activity so that only members in the organising club have access to the event, or that the activity is password protected.


Here is a collection of links for various workarounds.Create participants from a session is used to add routes that overlap an activities time and place, but are not connected to any of the participants in the activity.

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