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Uploading results to Livelox for an event is not mandatory. However, providing a result list with split times from an electronic punching system has great benefits.

Accurate split times

When no results have been uploaded, Livelox calculates start times, finish times and split times based to the routes of the participants in combination with the locations of the start, the controls and the finish. If results from an electronic punching system are uploaded, split times will be more accurate than split times calculated based on GPS routes.

Automatically connecting participants to classes

When results are uploaded, Livelox will know which class every participant took part in, and routes will automatically be connected to the right classes in the event.

If the event is connected to an external system such as Eventor, results will automatically be synchronized with the external system. For other events, result uploads are managed in the Results box on the event administration overview page.

Supported file formats

Livelox recommends using the IOF XML 3.0 result list file format for result uploads. The Swiss Orienteering CSV and the ORware CSV file formats are also supported.