Create a user account

A user account is needed to upload a route from a sports watch as a participant, or to upload maps and courses as an organiser. To get access to the full feature set when viewing routes, a paid subscription connected to an user account is needed. You don't need an user account to view routes using the basic feature set.

If you have an account in Swedish, Norwegian or Australian Eventor, these login details can be used in Livelox as well. Otherwise, create an account directly in Livelox.

Follow the step-by-step video guide to create a new user account in Livelox.

Differences between Eventor and Livelox account

If you are a member of a Swedish, Norwegian or Australian orienteering club, please log in with your Eventor account rather than creating a new user account directly in Livelox. An account connected to Eventor will bring your Eventor club memberships to Livelox, and your Eventor race results will be conneced automatically to the right class in Livelox. If you don’t have an account in Eventor, you can create a user account directly on Livelox.

Changing or restoring your Eventor password is possible at the Eventor website.

Create only one account

Avoid creating multiple user accounts for a person in Livelox and Eventor. That will make it harder for Livelox to connect your routes correctly to results from Eventor. Also, subscriptions connected to your Eventor account will not be available.

If you have more than one account and want to merge them, contact our support. When contacting us, mention your account details such as the account type, your name and the email address connected to the account.