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Connect a Livelox account to a Strava account

This guide describes how you connect an account from Strava with your Livelox account. A Strava account can in turn be linked to the web services offered by GPS watch manufactures. That means that the routes you record with your GPS watch or with Strava’s mobile app are automatically available in Livelox.

This is how it works to connect a Strava account

  • You record in a route with your GPS watch or with Strava’s mobile app.
  • If you record in your route with a GPS watch:
    • When the recording is ready you see that the route synchronizes to the GPS watch’s manufactures web service, for example Garmin Connect or Polar Flow. The newer GPS watches have support to automatically transfer your route to the web service by cable or wireless connection to your phone or computer.
    • GPS-watch manufactures web service then sends your route over Strava.
  • Strava sends your route over to Livelox. It is ready after a few seconds.
  • If a route belongs to a Livelox event (training or competition) with an uploaded start time or result, your route will automatically be added in the right class. If it doesn’t happen, for example if your name is spelled wrong in the result list, you can go in and edit the route under My activities and connect the to the right class.

This is what is needed so that it works

  • A Livelox account.
  • A Strava account. If you don’t already have a Strava account, you can create an account for free.
  • A GPS watch or a Strava’s mobile app. If you use a GPS watch you need an account connected to the the web service of the watch manufacturer. If you are uncertain wether or not you have an account, visit the manufacturer’s web service. Below are links to a few of the most common GPS watch web services:

Do this

1. Give Livelox permission to collect data from Strava

  1. Go to your Account settings in Livelox.
  2. Under Connect to external applications, click on Edit settings for Strava.
  3. Strava settings in Livelox are seen. Click on Connect to Strava.
  4. Approve that Livelox connects with Strava on Strava’s website. You might have to log into Strava on their website first.
  5. Choose which of Strava’s training types should be directly transferred to Livelox. If you do not want your trainings to automatically be sent to Livelox, it is possible to manually add them from Strava on the Livelox page Add a route.

2. Configure the GPS watch manufacturer’s web service to automatically send routes to Strava

This step is only necessary if you record in your route with a GPS watch. The way to do it depends on which web service you use. More information is available at Strava's support pages.

3. Done!

Pleas note that routes that were recorded before pairing Strava with Livelox are not synchronized. Such routes need to be uploaded by file in either Strava or Livelox.

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