About Livelox

Livelox is an analysis tool for orienteering. The service is provided by the Norwegian company Livelox AS. Or mission is to provide visualization of GPS tracks and route choices on a map. It is fun to see how you have run out in the forest but we are a little too lazy these days to scan in maps or download and upload files. With Livelox, the administrative part is automated for you so you can concentrate on analyzing your route, both for training and competition. Well, that sounds good right? But how does it work?


Routes can be uploaded in a few different ways. The easiest is to download a app to your smartphone that you take with you while you run. Log in with your Eventor account in the app and press "Record". When you are back, the route is there ready to view. It is also possible to use a GPS watch. Then Livelox needs to read in the file with the route so that you can see it. You can choose to automatically get the file from a web service such as Strava, or upload the file manually. If you haven't used a GPS watch, you can also draw your route by hand. It is completely free of charge to record and upload routes.

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You need to be logged in so that you as a participant can upload routes from a GPS-watch or as an organizer upload maps and courses. In order to see uploaded routes you do not need to be logged in.

If you're having an account in Swedish, Norwegian or Australian Eventor, use these login details also in Livelox. Otherwise, create an account directly in Livelox.

Events and classes

Competitions and trainings go under the name events in Livelox. Competitions and classes in Sweden, Norway and Australia can be taken from Eventor, but it is also possible to create activities direcly in Livelox. It can be done beforehand or afterwards and is completely free for you as an event organizer. If an event is connected to Eventor, the event classes, start lists and result lists are automatically copied over to Livelox and connected to the participants that put in their routes.

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Maps are of course required to provide. Livelox can use two types of maps:

  • Maps from the Swedish Orienteering Federation's map service Omaps.
  • Maps uploaded directly in Livelox

Maps from Omaps

Omaps uploads maps from the map owners such as orienteering clubs or map organizations. The maps need to be georeferenced, which means that longitud and latitude for the map's corners must be known. Most of today's maps are georeferenced. If a map is not already georeferenced, then it can simply be done by fitting the map to a satellite image. Once a map has been uploaded to Omaps it can be used and reused through Livelox. If you train often in the same area, for example around the club house, the map doesn't have to be uploaded over and over again. You only have to upload the map once. If there is no map of the area, a satellite image is used as the background image instead.

Maps from Livelox

If the map is only going to be used for a single event in Livelox it can be uploaded directly to Livelox. It is recommended if the map is manipulated in some way, for example a contours-only map or a corridor map where there is no point to upload it to Omaps. These types of maps however also need to be georeferenced, which can be easily done with fitting it to a satellite map just as with Omaps.

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Courses can be imported from OCAD, PurplePen, Condes or other course setting software. Livelox even has support for reading in neatly cut control circles and control lines between the controls, and control numbers placed in the right location.

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Does it cost anything?

It is free to record in and upload routes, to view one route at a time, and to upload maps and courses. If you want to compare multiple routes at the same time you need to purchase a subscription. There are two types of subscriptions: club subscriptions and personal subscriptions. Club subscriptions give all club members access to all the routes for all the trainings that the club organizes. If you want to see the routes from competitions at the district level and higher you need to have a personal subscription.

The price for a yearly club subscription is SEK 500 plus SEK 20 for each member that did at least one competition start under the previous year. The price for a personal subscription is SEK 499. A subscription covers 1 year from the date of payment and gives access to all events during that period regardless of the event date.

Note! During year 2021, we are offering free access to multiple-route comparison in events organised outside Sweden, Norway and Australia.

For organizers of events it is free to upload maps and courses.

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Do you have any questions?

You can contact us if you have any questions about Livelox, or if you have found any kind of problem. Here is our contact information.

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