Frequently asked questions

On this page, we're listing some of the most frequently asked questions about Livelox. If your question is missing, please contact us.

  • [Access] I can’t log in with my Eventor account on Livelox, but it works to log in at Eventor. What should I do?
    Make sure that you are using Eventor Sweden as the login system when you log in with your username (which is your personal number if you have such) and password. If it doesn’t work, you can log in through Eventor and from there go to Livelox in logged-in mode. Once you are logged in at Eventor, click on the 3x3 square icon up to the right. In the menu that is shown, click on the Livelox icon.
  • [View] When I view routes on my iPhone/iPad the map is not shown, only a white background under the course print and the routes. What am I doing wrong?
    iPhone and iPad have a limit to how big pictures can be seen on the web browser. The limit depends the phone model. If you can’t see the map, we recommend that you view the courses on another platform than the iPhone/iPad. You can also contact the organisers and ask them to switch the map for a smaller file, but consider that the quality of the map might get worse for other users.
  • [View] Is it possible to simulate a mass start from a specific control on the course?
    Yes! Hold down the Control button (command on Mac) on the keyboard and click on the control you wish to start the viewing from.
  • [View] Can you change the size of the arrow and length of the tail that is showing in play mode?
    Yes! On the right side of the map there is a thin edge that is possible to expand and will allow you to change options on the playback mode. It is also possible to click on the gear icon up on the right.
  • [View] How do I connect my activity to a class?
    It is possible to do it in two different ways, either via the app or webpage. If using the app, you go to the tab Activity and click on the dots to the right on the activity that you want to change. Then you choose “Change class” and choose competition or class and click on OK. On the webpage you go to “My activity”, click on the three dots to the right of the activity you want to change and then click “edit”. At the bottom of the page you can connect the activity to a competition or a class. Then click on “Save”.
  • [View] I can se how long I have run but the wrong course is seen. How do I fix it?
    If the wrong course is seen you haven’t connected your training to the right class. See the questions, “How do I connect my activity to a class?”
  • [View] When I upload routes and connect them to an activity the route is not seen in viewing mode, only in preview mode. What am I doing wrong?
    It could happen for a few different reasons, but most likely it is because the wrong time stamp is uploaded in the file. You can adjust the start time on the recording on the uploading site.
  • [Error] I get an error message when I try to choose the class when I should record in via the app. What should I do?
    If it is not possible to choose a class, you can have a bad internet connection or it is lots of traffic on the mobile network you are using at the moment. You can record your route without choosing a class and then add it later. See the question “How do I connect my activity to a class?”
  • [View] My route is crooked on the map at parts of the race. Why is that happening?
    It is hard to know the exact reason for why crooked routes occur. The maps can contain distortions and or might not be appropriately geo-referenced. The most common reason is that the positioning from the GPS is not extremely accurate in heavily forested areas. The signal might not have a direct line to the satellite which can lead to the signal bouncing and less precision. A tip is to let the GPS device sit still a few minutes with free view to the sky before the recording starts to get a good positioning.
  • [Error] Why is did I exceed the Strava API rate limit?
    When a high number of routes are uploaded at the same time it is possible to receive this message “ The Strava API rate limit has been exceeded for Livelox. The limit is reset at minute 0, 15, 30 and 45 each hour, so please try again later. If you experience this problem frequently, consider switching to synchronisation with another app that Livelox supports.” The rate limit is linked the the maximum number of routes that Strava allows to migrate to Livelox every fifteen minutes. We are constantly working with them to try to increase their limit rate.
  • [General] Why do I see ads in Livelox?
    Livelox is a freemium service – this means that, we provide a basic set of features for free, while all features are available only with a paid Premium subscription. To cover our costs for you as a non-paying user, we are displaying ads. Upgrade to a Premium subscription to enjoy an ad-free experience. AAds are provided by Google LLC through Google AdSense, the content of the ads shown is based on Google AdSense Policy and Terms of Service.
  • [Access] How can I setup the access restriction to the event?
    To restrict the access to an event you can set a custom password to the event. To do so, on the event management page navigate to “Access restrictions” and click on edit. On User restriction drop-down menu, choose “require password”. Type the custom password that you want to assign to the event and then click “Save” on the bottom-right of the page.
  • [Access] How can I access a route from a tracker that is not connected to a Livelox event?
    To access routes recorded by trackers but not linked to any Livelox activity, first go to your Livelox profile and then access the club to whom the trackers are connected. On the section “Tracking devices connected to the club” click on Manage, click the 15-digits link of the desired GPS tracking device. Click now on “Show recent routes” and then find the desired gps route, on the page then you can replay the route or download it in GPX format.
  • [General] What is the transition model in Livelox and why is it over?
    During the Covid pandemic, the full Livelox feature set was offered for free in all countries except for Sweden, Norway and Australia – the countries where Livelox was first introduced. We decided to do this for goodwill reasons to support the development of orienteering under difficult times.The free offer has been extended a few times, but we will now move towards a paid model for all countries. The transition model still keeps some features fully accessible until August 2023, when it will be phased out.
  • [General] Is Livelox Premium included in the club subscription?
    No, the club subscription is linked to a specific club and not to a person. The club subscription allows to visualise and compare multiple gps route at the same time only for local events and trainings organised by that specific club. To access all the Livelox features for all events, you shall upgrade your profile to Livelox Premium.
  • [View] Why do I see a duplicate of a gps route in the event class?
    This happens if your profile is connected with multiple route-providing applications, for example if both Strava and Garmin are connected to your profile. This means that Livelox will fetch the gps route from both providers. To avoid this, go to your account, and in the section “Connection to route-providing applications” remove the connection which are not necessary.
  • [General] I paid for a Livelox Premium subscription but I don´t see it working on my profile?
    A Livelox Premium subscription is connected to a user profile. If you have multiple profiles in Livleox, make sure to log in with the profile for which you purchased the subscription.
  • [General] Are my OCAD map files saved by Livelox?
    When importing the map files, Livelox fetches the image of the map and does no store the actual map file.
  • [General] Why is my Polar not synchronising with my Livelox account?
    Polar just recently updated their connectivity policy. In case of issues with the connectivity, disconnect and connect again your Polar profile into Livelox and accept the Polar policy.