About Livelox

Livelox is a web-based analysis software for orienteering. The product is provided by the Norwegian company Livelox AS. Our mission is to provide visualization of GPS tracks and route choices from orienteering races in an easy-to use and engaging way, both during races and afterwards. With Livelox, the administrative part is automated so you can focus on analyzing the routes, both for training and competition.


In 2014, the concept for a GPS tracking application that would enhance the experience of participants at O-Ringen, the largest orienteering event in the world, was conceived. Prior to this, existing GPS tracking applications were not that user-friendly and required substantial effort from both organisers and participants. Therefore, the organizers approached the Swedish IT consulting company Knowit with the idea of creating a more user-friendly GPS tracking application that would be accessible to everyone. The experienced orienteering software engineer Mats Troeng was appointed to lead the development team.

The Tibrotrippeln night race on April 10th, 2015, was the first competition where the application was tested. During O-Ringen in BorĂ¥s later that year, Livelox was officially released following extensive testing in beta versions. The success of the initial release was evident when 900 participants per race day uploaded their routes. At O-Ringen in 2022, this number grew to well over 6000 participants per day, which corresponded to almost half of the participants.

Several names were proposed for the application, including "Rocate", a combination of "routes" and "locate". However, ultimately the chosen name was "Livelox", which is short for "live locations", and it stayed with us ever since.

In early 2022, the newly founded norwegian company Livelox AS acquired the software from Knowit, to set out an even better foundation for further development of the product.