Record routes

Routes can be added to Livelox in a few different ways:

  • By using an app in your smart phone that you carry with you while you run. This way is the simplest method, as you don't have to do any manual uploading afterwards.
  • By using a dedicated GPS tracker. We sell and rent trackers.
  • By synchronization with Strava. Workouts that are in your Strava account are automatically transferred to Livelox. A Strava account can in turn be connected to the app dedicated to your GPS watch.
  • By synchronization with Garmin Connect. Workouts that are in your Garmin account are automatically transferred to Livelox.
  • By synchronization with Polar Flow. Workouts that are in your Polar account are automatically transferred to Livelox.
  • By synchronization with Suunto. Workouts that are in your Suunto account are automatically transferred to Livelox.
  • By uploading a file in a GPX or TCX format.Download the route from your GPS watch after your workout. Create a file for the route that you upload to Liveox.
  • Drawing the route by hand. If you don't have a smart phone or GPS watch you can draw your route directly with the mouse.

Read more about each of these ways below.

Record a route directly with the Livelox Recorder app

The Livelox Recorder mobile app is available for both Android and iOS.

Get the app

Follow the instructions below to download the app and log in.

  1. Download the app from Google Play or App Store. Search for Livelox Recorder. The icon looks like this.

  2. Start the app.
  3. Accept the terms and conditions.
  4. The log-in page is shown. Fill in your Livelox or Eventor username and password, and click Login. If you are unsure of your Eventor password, look at the Eventor Guide or ask your club administrator. It is also possible to create a separate Livelox account even if you are not already a member in a Swedish orienteering club.

  5. Now everything is ready for recording! This procedure only needs to be done once. Now you can continue to the third bullet in the list Record a route below.

Record a route

It is simple to record a route. This is how to do it:

  1. Make sure that your phone is charged. A one hour recording into Livelox takes approximately 10-20% of a fully charged battery.
  2. Start the Livelox app. If you have followed the instructions above, you will come directly to the recording mode with your name filled in.
  3. For the best accuracy, hold your phone still in clear view of the sky for a few minutes. This will help to calibrate your position with the GPS satellite signals.
  4. Click on the Start recording button at the bottom. The time starts to begin. Now you can quickly press the telephone's on/off button so the screen turns off.

  5. Place your phone in some kind of water resistant case. A small plastic bag is usually good enough. Place the phone somewhere it can be during the whole training pass such as in a arm band or in pocket. The higher up, the better signal connection and accuracy.
  6. When you are finished with your run, go back into the Livelox app and click on the Stop recording button.

To review a route you recorded, go into the Livelox start page and search for it. Read more how you do that here.

Record a route with a dedicated GPS tracker

Our simple-to-use GPS trackers are available to buy or to rent. Press the start button and you are ready to go!

Automatically synchronize with Strava, Garmin Connect, Polar Flow or Suunto

Automatic synchronization is the smoothest way to get routes from a GPS watch into Livelox. Read more about how to connect your Livelox account to Strava, Garmin, Polar Flow, or Suunto.

Upload a route file

If you can't use automatic synchronization, there is an option to upload route files. If you have a GPS watch, you can usually get the route from your watch's accompanying app or webpage. The most common file format for routes and other geographic information is GPX. Another common format is TCX och FIT. Note how you create a GPX, TCX or FIT file for your type and model of GPS watch by checking on the web. Below you can see how to create a GPX file in the web service Garmin Connect.

When you have created the file with your route, upload it in Livelox. To upload it:

  1. First log in via the login link up on the right hand side. If you have created a separate Livelox account, you can log in with that. Alternatively, you can log in with your Eventor username and password (applies to EventorSweden, Norway and Australia). If you have forgotten your Eventor password, look at the guide in Eventor or ask your club administrator.
  2. Select the tab My activities on the start page. Click on the button "Add a route".

  3. Choose the person that the route belongs to, and find the route file that you just created. You can either choose a file from your computer, add a link to the file if it on the web, or get the file from your Strava account.

  4. When the file is uploaded, information on the routes time and distance are shown. If the route overlaps an event in Livelox you have the option to add your route in that event. In that case, choose the event and class it belongs to. If there is the possibility to connect from Eventor, you can even connect your route with a result so that you can crop your route based on the start time and finish time. The best matching result is normally set to default.

    Normally a GPS watch is set based on the GPS satellites's clock. However, if the time for a route should need to be changed, you can click on the link Change start time. This can be useful for example, if you have run a course at another time point than the time period of the Livelox event you want to add your route to. Update the start time to a time within the time interval for the event and then connect the route to the event.

  5. Click Save.
  6. A page that displays information on the route is shown. Here you can click further to watch the entire class that the route is included in or just your route if it is not connected to an event.

Draw your route by hand

If you have not recorded your route with a phone or GPS watch you can still load it into Livelox. You draw your route with the help of the mouse. Make sure that you are logged in and go to viewing mode for the class you want to add the route to. To the right of the heading Event there is a menu icon: . Click on it and choose Add a route. Choose a person to draw the route for and click on Draw in route by hand.